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RESULT M32 World Championship November 15-21, 2021

M32 worlds 2021 – Leaderboard

PosCountryBowTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Tot Pts
1USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson142141545
2USA36 PCatapultAnthony Kotoun/ Joel Ronning165343085
3SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson334272690
4USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips241363798
5USA65 CPursuitBill Ruh3663623101
6NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar36112731105
7USA42 CGravediggerJames Prendergast3534235.4115.4
8USA63 CSurgeRyan McKillen2374640116
9USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson301022.454116.4
10SWE68 CVikingsHakan Svensson44114854.6157.6
11NED82 CLeelooHarold Vermeulen4186151161

M32 worlds 2021 – Day 1

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper12345PPTot Pts
1USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson1226314
2USA36 PCatapultAnthony Kotoun/ Joel Ronning5145116
3USA63 CSurgeRyan McKillen3637423
4USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips6418524
5USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson4784730
6SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson23109933
7USA42 CGravediggerJames Prendergast95910235
8USA65 CPursuitBill Ruh1110526236
9NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar101161836
10NED82 CLeelooHarold Vermeulen881131141
11SWE68 CVikingsHakan Svensson797111044

M32 worlds 2021 – Day 2

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper123456PPTot Pts
1USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips11
2USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson22
3USA42 CGravediggerJames Prendergast33
4SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson44
5USA36 PCatapultAnthony Kotoun/ Joel Ronning55
6USA65 CPursuitBill Ruh66
7USA63 CSurgeRyan McKillen77
8NED82 CLeelooHarold Vermeulen88
9USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson1010
10SWE68 CVikingsHakan Svensson9211
11NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar1111

M32 worlds 2021 – Day 3

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper123456PPTot Pts
1USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson31225114
2USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson125.25.26322.4
3NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar95161527
3SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson865124127
5USA36 PCatapultAnthony Kotoun/ Joel Ronning21012332234
6USA65 CPursuitBill Ruh736541136
7USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips483478236
8USA42 CGravediggerJames Prendergast57789642
9USA63 CSurgeRyan McKillen6481081046
10SWE68 CVikingsHakan Svensson1094711748
11NED82 CLeelooHarold Vermeulen111111910961

M32 worlds 2021 – Day 4

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper123456PPTot Pts
1USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson21281115
2USA65 CPursuitBill Ruh36354223
3SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson53832526
4USA36 PCatapultAnthony Kotoun/ Joel Ronning92643630
5NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar1111158431
6USA42 CGravediggerJames Prendergast497276.435.4
7USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips77569337
8USA63 CSurgeRyan McKillen684108440
9NED82 CLeelooHarold Vermeulen11511116751
10USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson104971111254
11SWE68 CVikingsHakan Svensson8101098.88.854.6

CORINTHIAN M32 worlds 2021 Leaderboard

PosCountryBowTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Tot Pts
1USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson142141545
2SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson334272690
3USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips241363798
4USA65 CPursuitBill Ruh3663623101
5NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar36112731105
6USA42 CGravediggerJames Prendergast3534235.4115.4
7USA63 CSurgeRyan McKillen2374640116
8USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson301022.454116.4
9SWE68 CVikingsHakan Svensson44114854.6157.6
10NED82 CLeelooHarold Vermeulen4186151161

Latest news:

The M32

Designed by experienced swedish sailors Göran Marström and Kåre Ljung, the M32 catamaran offers a unique blend of simplicity and ease of handling, combined with lightweight construction and thrilling performance.