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North American Championship | Entry
15-17 November 2019 Miami

M32 North American Championship 2019


PosCountryTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Tot Pts
1USAConvexityDonald Wilson141832
2USAConvergence Jennifer Wilson21185395
3USAMidtownLarry Phillips202141
4USAREVRick DeVos291645
5SUISection 16Richard Davies222850
6USAXS EnergySara Stone362460
7USABroncoMichael Dominguez412465
8USAExtreme2Dan Cheresh335083

Day 1
PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1USAConvexityDonald Wilson32152114
2USAMidtownLarry Phillips21635320
3USAConvergenceJennifer Wilson53711421
4SUISection 16Richard Davies16324622
5USAREVRick DeVos47277229
6USAExtreme2Dan Cheresh68446533
7USAXS EnergySara Stone84583836
8USABroncoMichael Dominguez75868741

Day 2
PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1USAREVRick DeVos11351516
2USAConvexityDonald Wilson65132118
3USAConvergenceJennifer Wilson23333333333185
4USAMidtownLarry Phillips52245321
5USABroncoMichael Dominguez36416424
6USAXS EnergySara Stone43524624
7SUISection 16Richard Davies74663228
8USAExtreme2Dan Cheresh888888250

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The M32

Designed by experienced swedish sailors Göran Marström and Kåre Ljung, the M32 catamaran offers a unique blend of simplicity and ease of handling, combined with lightweight construction and thrilling performance.