Berntsson is Back

Berntsson is back
July 28, 2017 Mattias Dahlström

Risør, Norway (July 28, 2017) – The story of today is certainly the comeback of Johnie Berntsson. After some boat breakdown issues on day one, FLUX Team came out of the block flying for the second day of M32 Series Scandinavia: Goes Risør as they took three race victories over the seven race program.

Topping the table was no walk in the park for the Swedish team as they threw protest flags, skimmed the dock outside the race village and took race bullets on the final leg with just metres to spare. 

“Cameron [Seagreen] is new in the boat and has jumped straight in to calling great tactics. Today we could get great speed up in the boat up with everything working as it was supposed to. These two things together led to a great day on the water and moving up the leaderboard.” 

The drama was saved for the final race of the day and GAC Pindar kicked off the controversy by throwing their bow in at the windward end of the reaching start line. Jonas Warrer was to leeward and reacted to the incident saying, “We could see from about a minute out what his plan was, but we saw there was no space for it. We thought maybe there was no room for us so there was definitely no room for Ian. It was pretty scary when he came at us at full speed, but when I saw he had no way out we had to bear away and had a small tap with Berntsson.” With a penalty in the bag even before mark one, the British team had a lot to do through the race if they were to catch up.

ESSIQ Racing Team won the start and took a comfortable lead on the first upwind, with fellow Swede Johnie Berntsson keeping the pressure on Dackhammar as the gap closed. On the final upwind with less than a boat length separating the two, Berntsson tacked off the starboard shore onto layline with Dackhammar mirroring and sliding in to leeward. Nicklas Dackhammar took the opportunity for an aggressive luff but the umpires deemed it too aggressive and gave the penalty to ESSIQ Racing Team. This meant a slip back to third and left FLUX Team to take the final race victory with second going to Jonas Warrer, the dream end to a strong day for Johnie and his crew. 

With a similar 15 knot breeze forecast for tomorrow, the drama should continue through to the third and final day of racing in Risør when we will find our winner. Racing begins at 14:00CET with a scheduled seven race program again. With no discards in this regatta, one bad result can drop you off the podium so all teams will be pushing hard tomorrow, looking for their top three result. 

Risør Day 2 Results

PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1SWEFLUX TeamJohnie Berntsson201213110
2GBRGAC PindarIan Williams302432519
3SWEESSIQ Racing TeamNicklas Dackhammar4041243220
4DENWallen RacingJonas Warrer503551221
5AUSNeptune RacingSam Gilmour105345422

Highlights of Dramatic Swedish Action on Day 2 in Risør