M32 European Series

European Schedule

For the 2023 season all events will be held on Lake Garda, Italy. The logistics will be made easier with organised storage options between events for both trailers and containers, on or off site. The builder, Aston Harald Composite, will have a demo boat available all events for new teams keen to try the M32. Lake Garda is known for it’s superior sailing conditions and stunning scenery and have over the last few years become a second home for the M32 fleet. We look forward to see you all again for the next season!


European Series 1
28-30 April 2023, Lake Garda, Italy

European Series 2
19-21 May 2023, Lake Garda, Italy

European Series 3
16-18 June 2023, Lake Garda, Italy

European Championship & Series 4
14-16 July 2023, Lake Garda, Italy

Shipping window for transporting boat and equipment from Italy to Newport RI, USA.

World Championship
25 September – 1 October 2023, Newport RI

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For interest in racing please contact mattias.dahlstrom@astonharald.com