Results 2017 – M32 European Series

Join us at M32 Series Europe

Forget ordinary sailing with the M32 Series! These superfast M32 carbon catamarans take sail racing into new waters and the sailors’ adrenaline rush to new heights. This circuit takes the action to some of southern Europe and Scandinavia’s hottest destinations this summer. As a sailor or VIP guest, you can be a part of the event! It’s as close as you’ll ever get to maximum sail racing – unless you’re on board, of course.
For 2018 M32 World has merged the Scandinavian and Mediterranean Series to build a strongly competitive European circuit with 7 destinations.


So whether on the water or from the M32 Race Village, be sure to come and experience the battle between some of the world’s best sailors.

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2017 Results

M32 Series Mediterranean 2017

PosCountryTeamSkipperE1E2E3E4E5Tot Pts
1ITAVitamine VeloceAndrea Lacorte101210112265
2ITAItalia Sailing TeamRiccardo Simoneschi8111191857
3MONTeam NeverlandGuido Miani1210-121448
4SUISection 16Richard Davies9812-2453
5SWEVikingsHåkan Svensson/ Patrick Sturesson1199-2049
6ITATeam Alabarda !Stefano Cherin0--101626
7AUTCandidate Sailing TeamMax Steltz/ Stefan Scharnagl7----7


M32 Series Trieste - Leaderboard

PosCountryTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Tot Pts
1SUISection 16Richard Davies100515
2ITAVitamine VeloceAndrea Lacorte120719
3SWEVikingsPatrick Sturesson1001121
3ITAItalia Sailing TeamRiccardo Simoneschi1101021
5ITATeam Alabarda!Stefano Cherin1901332
6MONTeam NeverlandGuido Miani2201739

M32 Series Trieste - Day 1

PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1SWEVikingsPatrick Sturesson441110
1SUISection 16Richard Davies123410
3ITAItalia Sailing TeamRiccardo Simoneschi212611
4ITAVitamine VeloceAndrea Lacorte334212
5ITATeam Alabarda!Stefano Cherin565319
6MONTeam NeverlandGuido Miani656522

M32 Series Trieste - Day 2

PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1SWEVikingsPatrick Sturesson0
1ITAItalia Sailing TeamRiccardo Simoneschi0
1ITATeam Alabarda!Stefano Cherin0
1SUISection 16Richard Davies0
1MONTeam NeverlandGuido Miani0
1ITAVitamine VeloceAndrea Lacorte0

M32 Series Trieste - Day 3

PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1SUISection 16Richard Davies2215
2ITAVitamine VeloceAndrea Lacorte1337
3ITAItalia Sailing TeamRiccardo Simoneschi41510
4SWEVikingsPatrick Sturesson34411
5ITATeam Alabarda!Stefano Cherin65213
6MONTeam NeverlandGuido Miani56617


M32 Series Genoa - Leaderboard

PosCountryTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Tot Pts
1MONNeverlandGuido Miani108422
2ITAVitamina VeloceAndrea LaCorte1115531
3ITATeam Alabarda !Stefano Cherin15151141
4ITAItalia Sailing TeamRiccardo Simoneschi24231057


M32 Monaco Winter Series

PosCountrySkipperTeamE 1E 2E 3E 4Tot Pts
1ITARiccardo SimoneschiItalia Sailing Team1011112456
2MONGuido MianiTeam Neverland121291649
3SWEHåkan Svensson/Patrik Sturesson/Lovisa KarlssonCape Crow Vikings1110101445
4AUTMax Stelzl/Stefan ScharnaglCandidate Sailing Team-981835
5SWEJohnnie BerntssonFLUX--122234
6SUIRichard DaviesSection 16---2020


For interest in racing please contact

For questions on sponsorship or commercial properties please contact