First look:

Aston Harald Factory Dedicated in December

First look: Aston Harald Factory Dedicated in December
January 22, 2016 Mattias Dahlström

A night to remember

On December 11th, more than 600 staff, VIPs, friends, family, and sailing luminaries from around the world embraced the Northern night to help inaugurate the state-of-the-art Aston Harald factory in Hönö, Sweden.

The factory, once fully operational, will allow the skilled Aston Harald build team to build and launch eight identical M32 catamarans every month to aviation-level tolerances. Vice President of Production Martin Krite said the new factory combines the most efficient boatbuilding techniques and technology with the same passion for quality boatbuilding made legendary by the creator of the M32, Göran Marström. “This facility will be the ultimate in boatbuilding, with extremely tight controls on every part of the production process,” said Krite, who emphasized that tech isn’t everything. “Our boatbuilder’s leave a little of themselves in each boat; when you look at the finish quality of each M32, you’ll see their pride, and when you feel how tough and exciting it is to sail, you’ll feel their passion.”


The M32 assembly plant was inaugurated last Friday. Here is a short summary. Enjoy! #m32world

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