From the editors:

Welcome To Our World!

From the editors: Welcome To Our World!
January 22, 2016 Mattias Dahlström

Thank you!

We’re not sure how you happened on our little digital newspaper, but whether you subscribed or found us via another website, social network, search engine, or one of your friends, we want to thank you for taking the time to check out the first-ever M32 World News. So what, exactly, is M32 World?

It’s a state of mind, and a state of being; a love for adrenaline and excess coupled with an appreciation for simplicity and subtlety. And of course, it’s a passion for the sea and for competition. In other words, it’s all about a boat.

But not just any boat.
We created M32 World to tell you the exploits of one of the most exciting racing sailboats ever built – a sailboat that’s rapidly changing the world’s perception of what makes a race boat. It is, of course, the insanely light, incredibly fast, carbon-fiber M32 racing catamaran, and whether it’s sailing off the beach on a Southern California picnic or racing for a million-dollar prize and a Match Race World Championship, it’s at home.

And for news and media about the M32 Series, one-off M32 events, M32 crews, and the World Match Racing Tour, we’re your new home.

Got an interesting story about an M32 team or one of its crew? We’re all ears.

For more details and links to everything you ever wanted to know about owning, chartering, shipping, racing, crewing, or assembling the M32, check out to this website. And if you can’t wait for your next editon of the once-a-month M32 World News, Like us on Facebook. We’ll see what we can do to scratch your itch.

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