Hot News: World Match Racing Tour Dates

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USD$1 Million

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As most of the sailing world knows by now, 2016 means massive changes for one of the most prestigious events in all of sailing. M32 builder Aston Harald acquired the rights to the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) in 2015 and immediately announced a move from traditional monohulls to a high-impact, hybrid fleet race/match race format in identical M32 cats. Rather than a year-long Tour, 2016 would feature a highly compressed schedule with just six events deciding who will be crowned the world’s ultimate match racer, and the sport’s next millionaire. That’s right – the 2016 World Match Racing Champion will receive a stand-alone prize of USD$1 Million – the biggest single prize ever awarded in the sport of sailing.

M32 World and the WMRT will provide world-leading TV and internet coverage of this revolutionary season, so mark your calendars to watch the world’s best sailors compete for the biggest prize in the sport – live! Or check the schedule and come see us in person for one of the most enjoyable experiences in sports spectating.

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It all starts in Fremantle in just a few weeks, and here’s the schedule:

March 2nd-7th
Fremantle, Perth, Australia

April 5th-10th (monohull event)
Long Beach, Los Angeles, USA

May 9th-14th
Copenhagen, Denmark

May 30st-June 4th
Newport, Rhode Island, USA

July 4th-9th
World Championship Finals, Marstrand, Sweden

For more info on the World Match Racing Tour, head over to, or Like us on Facebook.

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