Island Flyer: M32 Racing Club Bermuda – Event Number 2

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Bermuda continued to provide a beautiful venue for the M32 fleet during M32 Bermuda Event # 2 on February 19-21. Seven competing teams were treated to an extra thrill when the foiling America’s Cup catamarans came out to practice for their upcoming event in Oman, and no one was surprised when Taylor Canfield’s US-One took a solid event win over Ian Williams’ GAC Pindar. Newcomer Chris Poole’s Riptide Racing scored the final podium finish in light-to-moderate racing. Full results, click here.

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For the overall highlight reel of the event in full HD, click the video below:

M32 Series Bermuda – Event 2 – Day 2That’s a wrap on Event 2 of the M32 Series in Bermuda – great fun and great camaraderie on and off the race course! Enjoy the video and see you all again next month from 11-13 March! Bermuda Tourism The Magenta Project Team Magenta32 GAC Pindar Flipper Wehrheim Racing US One Sailing Team Chicago Match Race Center

Posted by M32 Series on Monday, February 22, 2016

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