M32 North America Champions

Don Wilson's Convexity


M32 NA Championships

M32 North America Championship 2017


PosCountryTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Tot Pts
1USAConvexityDon Wilson352459
2USAREVRick DeVos312960
3USAThe Magenta ProjectSally Barkow263864
4NEDBliksemPieter Taselaar333871
5USAExtreme2 RacingDan Cheresh433174
6USAXS EnergyRyan DeVos353974
7AUSDown Under RacingHarry Price494493
8USAGrave DiggerJames Prendergast514596
9USATorrentHarald Edegran4854102
10USAConvergenceJen Wilson5255107
11USARed Gear RacingCharles Tomeo5968127

Day 1

PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1USAThe Magenta ProjectSally Barkow431118826
2USAREVRick DeVos2103436331
3NEDBliksemPieter Taselaar1022357433
4USAConvexityDon Wilson11145103135
4USAXS EnergyRyan DeVos796722235
6USAExtreme2 RacingDan Cheresh84101141543
7USATorrentHarald Edegran111821151048
8AUSDown Under RacingHarry Price3558811949
9USAGrave DiggerJames Prendergast56116710651
10USAConvergenceJen Wilson977994752
11USARed Gear RacingCharles Tomeo68910691159

Day 2

PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1USAConvexityDon Wilson811226424
2USAREVRick DeVos732163729
3USAExtreme2 RacingDan Cheresh6113431331
4NEDBliksemPieter Taselaar169818538
4USAThe Magenta ProjectSally Barkow557379238
6USAXS EnergyRyan DeVos22851021039
7AUSDown Under RacingHarry Price44510510644
8USAGrave DiggerJames Prendergast39116851245
9USATorrentHarald Edegran97107479154
10USAConvergenceJen Wilson1186994855
11USARed Gear RacingCharles Tomeo101041111111168

Event Schedule


Tuesday 19 September 

Boat Assembly, 31st Street 


Wednesday 20 September 

Boat Assembly and M32 Licensing, see Licensing information here 


Thursday 21 September

Boat Assembly,  Practise and Licensing


11:00 am  (TBC) Open Practice with M32 Safety boat on the water

Friday 22 September (Practice Day)

12:30 Non-mandatory Practice Race Briefing , 31st Street

14:30-16:30 Practice racing, off Planaterium

17:30- Mandatory Briefing & Opening Reception, CYC Monroe Harbor


Saturday 23 September- Race Day 1

10:00 am Coffee with umpires, CYC Monroe

10:00 am RC Report time, CYC Monroe

10:30 am Morning Briefing, CYC Monroe

11:11 am RC Dock off

12:00 pm First Race Start 

4:00 pm Estimated end of racing

8:00 pm: M32 North American Regatta Party @ Signature Chicago


Sunday 24 September – Race Day 2

10:00 Coffee with coach, CYC Monroe 

10:00 am RC Report time, CYC Monroe

10:30 Morning Briefing, CYC Monroe

11:00 am RC Dock off

12:00 pm First Race Start (no warning signal after 3:00pm)

3:30 pm Awards immediately after Racing, CYC Monroe


22-24 September (Friday Practice day, Saturday and Sunday Race days)


Notice of Race

Available for download on the M32 official notice board below



M32 North American Championship  – please enter via the M32 Yacht Scoring page here https://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=4396


Entry fee USD1,250 per team 

Accommodation in Chicago

The Viceroy Hotel has just opened in Chicago just off the Magnificent Mile and we have been able to secure a heavily discounted rate of $200 a night. A booking code will be provided in a following email.


M32 Charter

We have a limited number of M32’s available to charter for the event – please contact James at  james.pleasance@astonharald.com for details 


Setup, Launch and Dockage 

·  Three packages are available:

    • Package 1: $500- Single Event- Assembly, launching trailer storage, and dockage for single weekend event
    • Package 2: $1500- Both Event- Includes assembly, dockage for both events, and in-water storage between events
    • Package 3: $2500- Both Events + On Land storage in between: Includes on land storage in secure parking lot adjacent boat ramp between events

·  Boats may arrive to 31st Street Harbor from Tuesday 5 September at 9am

·  The harbor is located at 3155 S. Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL 60616, see also www.chicagoharbors.info/harbors/31st-street-harbor/.

·  Launch will be via a ramp

·  Berthing will be near the launch ramp at 31st street or at the Chicago Yacht Club in Monroe Harbor depending on the day

Official notice board

For more information

Tod Reynolds, CMRC
+1 (908) 578-6762 or tod@chicagomatchrace.com

James Pleasance, M32 North America
+44 7711 130 886/ +1 562 362 0294 or james.pleasance@astonharald.com.