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  • Rick DeVos’s REV Wins 2018 M32 World Championship

  • REV Sneaks into Second While Fleet Loses Footing at M32 World Championship

  • Leaderboard Gets Rolled in Windy City Breeze at M32 World Championship

  • Chicago Talent Springboards Ahead at M32 World Championship

  • Stage Set for 2018 M32 World Championship in Chicago

  • “The Perfect Way To Kick Off Summer On The East Coast”

  • License to thrill, license for life

    The M32 catamaran is at the forefront of the worldwide move towards “thrill seeker sailing”, in anything from 10 knots…

  • World Match Racing Tour Announce 2017 World Championship Season

    To meet the growing interest in the M32 class in Australia the commercial owner of the brand M32 Series today…

  • CongressionalCup_Announce_Feature

    WMRT Congressional Cup Confirmed Second Event For 2017 WMRT Season

    The World Match Racing Tour is proud to announce that the WMRT Congressional Cup will be the second event of…