WMRT Tour Card Applications Open

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The World Match Racing Tour issues 10 Tour Cards, which guarantee teams an invite to the World Championship level events during the season. Seven of the ten Tour Cards are allocated based on previous results and rankings; two are awarded to the finalists in the previous year’s World Championship Finals, three are given to the top of the WMRT leader board following the previous year’s Finals and two are offered to the highest ranked teams on the Open World Match Race Rankings.

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Tour Cards are issued to teams following an application process. A review board of WMRT management chaired by racing director Craig Mitchell chooses the recipients of these cards. The application process takes account of previous results, ambition, talent, financial stability, organisation, marketing and PR when reviewing the applications.
Applications should be emailed to Craig Mitchell by Monday September 12th, 2016.

Applications should, as a minimum, supply the following information:
– Team name
– Team members and profiles including headshot’s
– Full contact details
– Proposed team colours worn on sailing/shore clothing
– Recent sailing and / or match racing achievements
– Team sponsors and sponsor activation program
– Media plans for the 2016-17 Tour. This may include website, racing blog, social media, print press, television (local, national or international) and any other proposed media events

Application’s to craigmitchell@wmrt.com

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