High Interest In M32 World Championship

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November 7th, 2016 (Hönö, Sweden) – After only a few weeks passing since the announcement of the first ever M32 World Championship in fleet racing the interest to gain entry to the event is beating organisers’ expectations. The great demand to race the M32 catamaran in Marstrand, Sweden next summer guarantees for an exciting first M32 World Championship.

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With the current status of requests for invitation, the event would complete over 50% of the available 25 entries to the M32 World Championship. “Throughout those who wish to enter we find two large groups of Swedish and American teams including Johnie Berntsson’s Flux team, Ryan Devos’s XS Racing and Håkan Svensson’s Cape Crow Vikings. This is expected with the class being most established there but we are also noticing several other nationalities with teams from Denmark, Switzerland and England.” David Granath from the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club comments and continues, “It seems as we will be filling the spots quickly, that teams wishing to enter best hurry.”

Three of the first teams to enter are the latest winners of the M32 Series in Bermuda, Scandinavia and Mediterranean. The entry of the three champions: Don Wilson of Team Convexity from Chicago Match Race Center, USA; Ian Williams of GAC Pindar from Royal Lymington YC, UK; and Richard Davies of Section 16 from Mumbles YC, Switzerland demonstrate the level of competition that we can expect. The game is on and anyone wanting to get their hands on the M32 World Championship trophy needs to secure a place in the line up before the last spots are taken.

The first ever M32 World Championship in fleet racing will be held in Marstrand, Sweden July 13-16, 2017 (with registration July 12th). For further information on the M32 World Championship please see: www.m32world.com/m32worldchampionship

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