M32 World
Championships 2018

Chicago, September 20-23

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M32 World Championships 2018

The Chicago Match Race Center and Chicago Yacht Club in partnership with the M32 International Class Association are thrilled to welcome the M32 Class to Lake Michigan for the 2018 M32 World Championship. After a fantastic inaugural World Championship in 2017 off Sweden’s west coast island of Marstrand, the class expects even tighter and greater racing this year as the competition heads to the M32 hotspot of Chicago.

With eleven boats racing on Lake Michigan for last year’s North America Championship in Chicago, the Chicago Match Racing Center and Chicago Yacht Club showed why they are the ideal host venue for this year’s competition. 15 boats entered the 2017 World Championship, but with a growing US fleet the class hopes for an even larger turnout this September.



PosCountryBowTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Tot Pts
1CHN27China One NingboPhil Robertson47331862
2USA43REVRick DeVos1325222282
3NED69BliksemPieter Taselar1516362895
4USA16ConvexityDon Wilson8243732101
5USA21ConvergenceJennifer Wilson6413421102
6USA62ExtremeDan Cheresh13294022104
7USA11TorrentMarkus Edegran11433428116
8USA24XS EnergyRyan DeVos12462240120
9USA7Magenta ProjectSally Barkow11365045142
10USA42Grave DiggerJames Prendergast22275045144
11SWE38ValhallaHakan Svensson22544541162
12USA6Riptide RacingChris Poole19426748176

Day 1

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper12345PPTot Pts
1CHN27China One NingboPhil Robertson134
2USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson426
3USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson358
4USA7Magenta ProjectSally Barkow7411
4USA11TorrentMarkus Edegran2911
6USA24 CXS EnergyRyan DeVos6612
7USA62 CExtremeDan Cheresh12113
8USA43 CREVRick DeVos5813
9NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselar8715
10USA6Riptide RacingChris Poole91019
10USA42 CGrave DiggerJames Prendergast111122
11SWE38 CValhallaHakan Svensson101222

Day 2

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper12345PPTot Pts
1CHN27China One NingboPhil Robertson121217
2NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselar6321416
3USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson2199324
4USA43 CREVRick DeVos3753725
5USA42 CGrave DiggerJames Prendergast7465527
6USA62 CExtremeDan Cheresh10674229
7USA7Magenta ProjectSally Barkow59412636
8USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson410126941
9USA6Riptide RacingChris Poole121237842
10USA11TorrentMarkus Edegran98881043
11USA24 CXS EnergyRyan DeVos8511101246
12SWE38 CValhallaHakan Svensson111110111154

Day 3

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper1234567PPTot Pts
1USA24 CXS EnergyRyan DeVos53237222
2USA43 CREVRick DeVos22762322
3CHN27China One NingboPhil Robertson191103933
4USA11TorrentMarkus Edegran963510134
5USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson476112434
6NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselar341175636
7USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson611921837
8USA62 CExtremeDan Cheresh1218467240
9SWE38 CValhallaHakan Svensson1010488545
10USA7Magenta ProjectSally Barkow7851191050
10USA42 CGrave DiggerJames Prendergast8512941250
12USA6Riptide RacingChris Poole11121012111167

Day 4

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper12345PPTot Pts
1CHN27China One NingboPhil Robertson4371318
2USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson11135121
3NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselar26531228
3USA43 CREVRick DeVos6524522
3USA62 CExtremeDan Cheresh5942222
5USA11TorrentMarkus Edegran321121028
7USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson14881132
8USA24 CXS EnergyRyan DeVos10897640
9SWE38 CValhallaHakan Svensson910126441
10USA7Magenta ProjectSally Barkow811109745
10USA42 CGrave DiggerJames Prendergast771111945
12USA6Riptide RacingChris Poole1212610848


The Chicago Yacht Club Monroe (Downtown) station will serve as the regatta hub and boats can securely moor here during the regatta. Two racing areas will be available with the inner area allowing racing to take place just off Chicago’s world famous Navy Pier, the same race course as used by the 2016 Americas Cup World Series Chicago.

Chicago is a town that has something for everyone with world-class museums, restaurants, bars, shopping and many family friendly attractions.

The Championships


Teams will be competing for the overall M32 World Championship trophy and the World Sailing recognised World Champion title. Also up for grabs is the Corinthian World Champion title, awarded to the highest placed World Sailing registered corinthian skipper.

The race

Monday & Tuesday 17/18 September (Measurement)
Measurement Schedule to be posted on Official Notice Board

Wednesday 19 September (Practice Day)
10.00-11.30 – Registration and weigh-in
11.30 – Briefing
14.00 – Practice Racing (Starting)
17.00-19.00 – Opening Reception & Skippers Briefing
– Architectural tour with dinner departing from Chicago Yacht Club Monroe

Thursday 20 September: Race Day 1
10.00 Briefing & Coffee with Umpires
12.00 Race Start
16.00 After-sail light snacks @ Chicago Yacht Club

Friday 21 September: Race Day 2
10.00 Briefing & Coffee with Umpires
12.00 Race Start
18.00 M32 World Championships Dinner

Saturday 22 September: Race Day 3
10.00 Briefing & Coffee with Umpires
12.00 Race Start
16.00 After-sail light snacks @ Chicago Yacht Club

Sunday 23 September: Race Day 4
10.00 Briefing & Coffee with Umpires
12.00 Race Start: 3 or 4 race target
16.00 After-sail light snacks @ Chicago Yacht Club
TBC M32 World Championships Prize Ceremony and Party

*Each racing day the race committee will target 4-5 races.

Race Area

Inner Race Area

Race area inside the outer break wall provides flat water in northerly wind conditions.


Outer Race Area

Race area just off the planetarium allows for flexibility of course length and gets the race course further away from city which can be helpful in certain wind conditions.

Throwback to 2017 

Last year it was Phil Robertson with team China One Ningbo who lifted the overall trophy and Chicago local Don Wilson with Convexity who took the Corinthian title. Who will be sitting in top spot in Chicago this year?

Follow the latest M32 World news HERE to see who is on form in 2018.


PosCountryBowTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Tot Pts
1NZL20China One NingboPhil Robertson191321053
2DEN55Warrer RacingJonas Warrer132524062
3NZL51CFA Sport RacingChris Steele83027065
4USA21ConvexityDon Wilson192028067
5SWE44KSSSRasmus Rosengren333729099
6NED57Sailing Team NLPieter-Jan Postma839530100
7SWE7ESSIQ Racing TeamNicklas Dackhammar394293201.004
8SUI52Section 16Richard Davies2734430104
9AUS46Redline RacingMatt Jerwood3030440104
10USA50Grave DiggerJames Prendergast3831390108
11RUS45Gazprom Team RussiaVictor Serezhkin4325440112
12GBR22GAC PindarIan Williams4537360118
13SWE33FLUX TeamJohnie Berntsson3937560132
14SWE23Cape Crow VikingsHåkan Svensson5249610162
15GBR49Magenta RoblineOlivia Mackay6044650169

Want More?

For further information on accommodation, mooring, transport, boat assembly space and storage please download the
M32 World Championships 2018 Information Pack