M32 World
Championships 2019

Riva del Garda Italy, August 26-30


M32 World Championships 2019

Riva del Garda at the northern end of Lake Garda is one of the best-known yacht racing venues in the world. Northerly winds in the morning and the southerly Ora starting in the early afternoon, combined with the funneling effects of the mountains provide the perfect flat water, strong wind sailing conditions for high-performance catamarans.

The host yacht club, Fraglia Vela Riva, has a very experienced regatta team and a packed racing schedule. After the World Championship, two long-distance races will be held in Lake Garda: the 30 nautical mile Gorla in the northern part and the 50-mile Centomiglia race spanning the entire length of the lake. These races are well suited to multihulls and both M32s and Extreme 40s have won these regattas in the past.

2019 Schedule

Pre Worlds
24-25 August

Worlds Measurement
26 August

Worlds Racing
27-30 August

Pre Worlds 2019 - EUR-05 Leaderboard

PosCountryTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Tot Pts
1USAConvergenceJennifer Wilson161733
2USAConvexityDon Wilson142236
3SUISection 16Richard Davies272552
4GBRGAC Pindar / ExtremeIan Williams153853
5NEDBliksemPieter Taselar312657
6USAMidtownLarry Phillips214061
7SWEInga from SwedenRichard Goransson253762
8USAGravediggerJames Prendergast273663
9NEDTeam NLPJ Postma204565
10FRASpindriftXavier Revill245175
11SWEKarlsson Racing TeamAnton Karlsson4466110

Pre Worlds 2019 - EUR-05 Day 1

PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1USAConvexityDon Wilson337114
2GBRGAC Pindar / ExtremeIan Williams224715
3USAConvergenceJennifer Wilson149216
4NEDTeam NLPJ Postma952420
5USAMidtownLarry Phillips463821
6FRASpindriftXavier Revill7101624
7SWEInga from SwedenRichard Goransson695525
8USAGravediggerJames Prendergast576927
9SUISection 16Richard Davies8181027
10NEDBliksemPieter Taselar10810331
11SWEKarlsson Racing TeamAnton Karlsson1111111144

Pre Worlds 2019 - EUR-05 Day 2

PosCountryTeamSkipper12345678PPTot Pts
1USAConvergenceJennifer Wilson16114417
2USAConvexityDon Wilson62228222
3SUISection 16Richard Davies39642125
4NEDBliksemPieter Taselar213657226
5USAGravediggerJames Prendergast4845103236
6SWEInga from SwedenRichard Goransson857835137
7GBRGAC Pindar/ ExtremeIan Williams97571938
8USAMidtownLarry Phillips7393610240
9NEDTeam NLPJ Postma541099845
10FRASpindriftXavier Revill10108107651
11SWEKarlsson Racing TeamAnton Karlsson11111111111166


PosCountryBowTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Tot Pts
1USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson2311111661
2NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar1422182983
3USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson311237888
4USA56 CGravediggerJames Prendergast26392823116
5GBR22 CGAC Extreme2Dan Cheresh28302039117
6USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips24324227125
7AUS54Downunder RacingHarry Price42363615129
8FRA35SpindriftXavier Revil36333927135
9NED57Team NLPJ Postma46462519136
10SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson37363931143
11SUI52 CSection 16Richard Davies38384134151
12SWE33Karlsson Racing TeamAnton Karlsson48575946210

M32 World Championship 2019 - Day 1

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper12345PPTot Pts
1NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar2432314
2USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson8261623
3USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips1673724
4USA56 CGravediggerJames Prendergast55212226
5GBR22 CGAC Extreme2Dan Cheresh31244528
6USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson981101231
7FRA35SpindriftXavier Revil73107936
8SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson61188437
9SUI52 CSection 16Richard Davies117551038
10AUS54Downunder RacingHarry Price491261142
11NED57Team NLPJ Postma1219121246
12SWE33Karlsson Racing TeamAnton Karlsson1010119848

M32 World Championship 2019 - Day2

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper12345PPTot Pts
1USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson3421111
2USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson2512212
3NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar1175822
4GBR22 CGAC Extreme2Dan Cheresh5664930
5USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips41096332
6FRA35SpindriftXavier Revil113411433
7SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson9939636
7AUS54Downunder RacingHarry Price628101036
9SUI52 CSection 16Richard Davies121153738
10USA56 CGravediggerJames Prendergast88108539
11NED57Team NLPJ Postma7711712246
12SWE33Karlsson Racing TeamAnton Karlsson101212121157

M32 World Championship 2019 - Day 3

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper1234567PPTot Pts
1USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson1224211
2NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar31184118
3GBR22 CGAC Extreme2Dan Cheresh7543120
4NED57Team NLPJ Postma26521025
5USA56 CGravediggerJames Prendergast9471728
6AUS54Downunder RacingHarry Price103105836
7USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson573911237
8SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson119863239
8FRA35SpindriftXavier Revil41097939
10SUI52 CSection 16Richard Davies681111541
11USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips812610642
12SWE33Karlsson Racing TeamAnton Karlsson121112121259

M32 World Championship 2019 - Day 4

PosCountryBowTeamSkipper12345PPTot Pts
1USA21 CConvergenceJennifer Wilson22138
2AUS54Downunder RacingHarry Price644115
3USA16 CConvexityDon Wilson1121216
4NED57Team NLPJ Postma433919
5USA56 CGravediggerJames Prendergast575623
6USA60 CMidtownLarry Phillips799227
6FRA35SpindriftXavier Revil857727
8NED69 CBliksemPieter Taselaar966829
9SWE44 CInga from SwedenRichard Goransson1088531
10SUI52 CSection 16Richard Davies310111034
11GBR22 CGAC Extreme2Dan Cheresh1112104239
12SWE33Karlsson Racing TeamAnton Karlsson1211121146

Throwback to 2017 & 2018 


PosCountryBowTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Tot Pts
1CHN27China One NingboPhil Robertson47331862
2USA43REVRick DeVos1325222282
3NED69BliksemPieter Taselar1516362895
4USA16ConvexityDon Wilson8243732101
5USA21ConvergenceJennifer Wilson6413421102
6USA62ExtremeDan Cheresh13294022104
7USA11TorrentMarkus Edegran11433428116
8USA24XS EnergyRyan DeVos12462240120
9USA7Magenta ProjectSally Barkow11365045142
10USA42Grave DiggerJames Prendergast22275045144
11SWE38ValhallaHakan Svensson22544541162
12USA6Riptide RacingChris Poole19426748176


PosCountryBowTeamSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Tot Pts
1NZL20China One NingboPhil Robertson191321053
2DEN55Warrer RacingJonas Warrer132524062
3NZL51CFA Sport RacingChris Steele83027065
4USA21ConvexityDon Wilson192028067
5SWE44KSSSRasmus Rosengren333729099
6NED57Sailing Team NLPieter-Jan Postma839530100
7SWE7ESSIQ Racing TeamNicklas Dackhammar394293201.004
8SUI52Section 16Richard Davies2734430104
9AUS46Redline RacingMatt Jerwood3030440104
10USA50Grave DiggerJames Prendergast3831390108
11RUS45Gazprom Team RussiaVictor Serezhkin4325440112
12GBR22GAC PindarIan Williams4537360118
13SWE33FLUX TeamJohnie Berntsson3937560132
14SWE23Cape Crow VikingsHåkan Svensson5249610162
15GBR49Magenta RoblineOlivia Mackay6044650169

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For further information on accommodation, mooring, transport, boat assembly space and storage please download the
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