Worlds Cancelled – Continental Racing Continues

Worlds Cancelled – Continental Racing Continues
August 26, 2020 Mattias Dahlström

2020 World Championship Cancelled
It is with a heavy heart that the M32 Class board has made the decision to cancel the 2020 World Championship scheduled for Miami in November. The current travel climate due to the COVID19 situation does not allow for intercontinental travel in a way that we need to have a proper World Championship. With the logistics involved in running and competing in a World Championship we can not wait to see how restrictions evolve this fall.

The M32 Class would like to thank all their friends and partners in Miami for the work and effort that has been made planning for this event. The M32 community love Miami and we hope to be back soon.

Racing Continues
The M32 racing continues on a continental level and it’s a sad fact that travel across oceans will be complicated for some time to come.

In North America the Midtown Cup Series started in July and just successfully completed their second event with an 8 boat fleet of mostly local teams. The series continues with events in September and October. A North American Championship will be the season closer for the US fleet and the original dates for the worlds are considered for that event.

In Europe the delayed season started in sailors favourite venue Marstrand in August and the fleet is moving on to another favorite venue, Riva del Garda, for the European Championship in September. Due to the late start the European fleet will extend the season with another event in Italy in October.

“Thanks to some innovative solutions, online preparations and a lot of cooperation from teams and venues we can have events where the teams feel safe and we are following all the COVID19 restrictions” says Dave Doucett of M32 North America.

Future World Championships
Over the next few weeks the class board will work with members, boat owners and organizing venues around the world to plan for successful future World Championships. “The key is to coordinate it well with the continental circuits to make them successful and the worlds being the natural get together and highlight of the season” says class manager Mattias Dahlstrom.

The M32 Demo Boat
With many other events cancelled all over the world this could be the opportunity to try out the M32 boat on the September/October events in Newport, RI or in Riva del Garda, Italy.

The Demo Boat is the perfect way to get introduced to M32 racing in a way that is tailored to your background in racing and other classes. Maybe you have your own racing team and just need a few hints on M32 specifics, or maybe you need help with setting up a crew and start from the beginning with multihull racing.